# 5 Best way to tackle the common bathroom problems

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The bathroom is a reflection of your living standard. Most of the people don’t want to talk about the bathroom and its related problems. But you may feel embrace when your one family member visited your house and feeling uncomfortable to use your bathroom. You need to make your ThornHill bathroom renovation because people talking about it and it make you feel bad to face them.   May he or she don’t like to embrace you further so better not to a discussion on this topic. But if you have an idea what is the problem of your bathroom then you need to tackle it nicely. Here I have listed out the common problems associated with bathroom and how you can tackle it.

1) Perfect utilization of the space

May be your bathroom size is quite okay, but you are not able to utilize that space nicely. Standard bathroom is having bathtub, double vanity and pedestal sink. If you consider your bathtub is just enough to wet your elbows, then better remove the tub and put a walk-in shower inside with other supporting accessories. This will create a beautiful impression of your bathroom to visitors.

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2) Selection of tiles and finishes

People often not able to decide the color and texture of tiles which suits your bathroom. Tiles must create visual appeal and long-lasting durability. Classic accent is quite popular in this segment. Make it simple but looks impressive. The use of the wallpapers is making comeback again and you can buy at a reasonable price from online stores.

3) Lightening

Try to install the combination of lights in such a way which make you feel relax and enjoy during the shower. You can use stepped decorative ceiling lights. Lights and electrical circuits are properly installed in such a way that there should be not any scope of short-circuiting. You need to hire an electrician who suitably arranges all your electrical boards and panels away from contact with water.

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4) Bathroom accessories

If your bathroom doesn’t contain accessories like towel, shop, stand, mirror, floor mats and frames then you need to check out carefully. These are essential accessories need to keep in every Thornhill bathroom renovation. You also need to put some cream and gels inside. Apart from this, hanging bathroom fresheners make your bathroom beautiful. I also find the first-aid box in some of the bathrooms.

5) Put Double Vanities

ThornHill bathroom renovation depends upon how much creative and innovative you are.  Single vanity is sometimes looking boring and odd combination. Better put two separate vanities in you’re the bathroom to justify the effective use of bathroom. Maybe one for hand wash and another for the shower. If you can able to put some light under the framed mirror of the first vanity that would be great. If you are serious about ThornHill bathroom renovation then above factor might help you. Still if you have no idea how to make your bathroom great you need to consult a professional bathroom renovator.


Things to Keep In Mind When Remodeling the Basement

In most homes, the basement is either used for storing and hoarding old stuff like Christmas tree or old worn out furniture. If you don’t want to ignore a potential space of your home, you can easily opt for Thornhill Basement Renovations.

Basically, basement renovations or basement remodeling would help to easily transform an unused space into something usable one. For instance, one can easily get their basement transferred into a living room or into a gym area or a recreation area or a playroom. However, for commercial buildings, the basement can be used as a food court or many other things.

In whatever way you want to renovate the basement of your home or commercial building, you will definitely need to take the help of an expert. An expert can provide customers with a wide array of options for getting the basement finished.

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Things to Consider

Before you embark on your Thornhill Basement Renovations project, you will need to carry these steps. They are:

Evaluate the space

The probable obstacles for basement remodeling project need to be looked into. At this time, one should check if the basement needs to be waterproofed before one spends thousands of bucks in renovating the basement and neglecting the damage.

Considering the usage

One would need to decide how one is going to use the basement. Usually, the basement of a home can be transformed into a living room or into a bathroom or a playroom for your little one. However, before transforming the basement, you should ensure it meets the legal requirements of your city.

Considering Budget 

It forms the most vital thing for any basement renovation project. Usually, basement renovation projects can cost $15000 to $100000 and average costing might be between $28000. Hence, list the changes you want to bring and check it if it meets your budget. Complex transformation would increase the budget.

thornhill basement renovations

Interviewing Contractors

The foremost thing for any Thornhill Basement Renovations project is to interview the contractors. In order to save money, one shouldn’t try to go for the unskilled ones. Hence, before hiring any contractors, checking the credentials, licensing, as well as the affiliation of the contractor is very important.

Once you are done with the following pointers, you need to decide on the basement flooring options.

Basement Flooring Options

As a part of the basement renovation project, basement flooring option remains pretty important. Apart from leveling the basement properly, you need to double check that the basement is not prone to moisture.

You can ask the Thornhill Basement Renovations to add vapor barriers or heated floors for the remodeled basement. Basement contractors can tell customers that there are many popular flooring options for the basement, such as concrete, carpet, ceramic tile, cork, linoleum, and engineered wood.

One thing which must be kept in mind is that finishing the basement always remains a major challenge for the basement renovation contractors. One would need to work closely on the air ducts, electrical, plumbing, hardware, etc in order to get the basement properly finished.

Once all these challenges are easily met out, Thornhill Basement Renovations can finish and transform the basement in a great way. Once transformed, you will love your basement. Read more about challenges to finish your basement here!