For Cody

He is doing great he can go up and down the stairs already and what a character.

We love him very much and he has brought a lot of laughter into our home which

we really needed at this time. He even stands like a show dog he is so beautiful, he

is going to be a calm dog not much phases him it is wonderful. Thank you so much.

Ginette and Andrew

For Mya

Well I have to say Mya is pretty awesome to say the least. I can’t get over how wonderful

she is with kids and people very laid back and well behaved. House breaking has been a breeze.

All in all I can’t thank you enough for giving us the pleasure of having her join our family.

She is the break I have needed for a long time thank you again. J.J. and the kids.

For Raven

Hi just to let you know she is doing great and I just love her thick coat, she is so adorable

and very affectionate and great with the other animals and horses. I am so happy I found

your phone number and came back to you. Thanks for everything Laura

For Dasha

We decided on Dasha much easier for our children to pronounce, she is so good with the

kids. My wife is so excited to start her training as she did animal training in Russia

and she says Dasha is so smart and learns very quickly. Being new here we wanted the

experience of a german shepherd and we feel we made a very good choice in Dasha.

Thank you for keeping her for us and the time you took with us. Take care Artiem

For Vader Jr.

Hi just wanted to tell you he is just great he is actually growing on my wife because he is soooo

sweet. We will be sending pictures of him with the kids they are so cute and the kids want to

keep that name because they really liked his dad’s name. Thanks for everything Robroy.

For Elektra

She is the most sweetest little girl and we are so pleased you considered our home for her to live.

She has adapted well with our other dog and he respects her space and lets her have her quiet

time. I cried so much when I knew we were going to get her I was so excited and even

Dean was so emotional because this is our little girl. We will do our best by her and send you

updated pictures. Thank you for blessing our home with a precious gift Jackie & Dean.

For Bailey From Christina
Bailey seems to amaze me more and more everyday

she has such a great temperament. I took her to the vet

yesterday and she was so well behaved, I am very proud.

Every one that meets her falls in love with her. She is honestly the greatest thing I have ever

owned and I am so proud of her. I can’t wait to have another playmate for her so I would

love to have another puppy from you as a present for my parents we can’t get over how gorgeous

your dog’s are and if I could I would take a whole litter. Love to stay in touch! Christina

For Savannah

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how Savannah is doing. She is doing

very well and gets along great with other dog’s, she loves sleeping on the couch and the bed and

is a great helper in the kitchen because she appointed herself guardian over the turkey and sat still

like a statue while it was waiting to be carved. We are loving having Savannah as part of our

family and can hardly believe it’s only been a few days, because it feels like she has been with us

forever. I want to thank you again for choosing us to be the ones to care for Savannah I

can’t remember the last time I received a gift that meant so much. She is such a treasure I

don’t think a day goes by when one of us doesn’t comment on how lucky we are to have her.


For Jazz

I hope you all are well. I wanted to drop you a quick note about our amazing puppy.

Christmas morning went great! The kids were so surprised and excited and so was Cathy.

You have never seen a puppy that gets more lovin. The twins get up each morning at 7

(minor miracle for them) to put her out and play with her before school. She is playful and

active but still has her calm demeanor. She is doing great with her obedience, she started puppy

kindergarten last week and is doing very well. She loves to come to my karate school and see

all of the kids there. Today we went for a walk on Bank St. in downtownOttawa and she

did great with all of the loud noise and the people, bikes, strollers etc. Jazz is so smart she is a

real credit to you as a breeder. Thanks so much! Janet

For Caesar

We took the boys for a walk and took the camera–Kim says always like we don’t have enough

pictures of the dog’s, I just can’t get enough of them. We had 9 people here last night and baby

Caesar was awesome, boy do we love him! We were already saying what we are going to do

when old Prince is gone…we have to get another one from you so you better stay breeding!

The new fur babies will be delightful and beautiful, like only you guys make! We think you guys

are the greatest and we absolutely adore Caesar. Sincerely Carol

For Magnum

Magnum truly amazes us daily at how such a big goofy dog can be such a loving and gentle

giant with the boys also with Ozzy and ourselves even in the roughest of play. He makes us

laugh every day and always puts a smile on our faces, he drives Oz crazy but he enjoys it his

reaction to greeting anyone of us that he has missed for a few minutes or any length of time is

always of excitement and love. He is truly a beautiful looking dog as is his character you should

be very proud of your dog’s and the way you have touched their owners, we are very excited

and happy with our choice to have an opportunity to have one of your pups and we will brag to

anyone that will listen. The comments we have received regarding his coat, colors, appearance,

demeanor and his character- that we are very proud of our Magnum and you as a breeder.

Thank you from Natalie Brian Connor & Cameron